Computer-based Testing: From Different Perspectives of the Stakeholders Involved

  • Phuc Thi Hong Le Banking Academy of Vietnam
Keywords: computer-based testing, computerized tests, digitalized testing, alternative test modes


Given the superiorities of computer-based testing (CBT) over the paper-and-pen one, computerized tests have been widely applied in many educational contexts worldwide. However, not until the early 2017 did computer-based tests begin to be employed in testing English proficiency among non-English majors at Banking Academy of Vietnam (BAV). Therefore, this research was conducted to explore how the involved stakeholders including non-English major students, lecturers from the Faculty of Foreign Languages (FFL), staff of the training quality assurance department (TQAD) and information technology (IT) specialists perceived the application of computer-based English tests (CBETs). The research findings would also serve as a stepping-stone to measure the effectiveness of the innovation. The research questions were answered based on the data obtained from online questionnaires among students as well as in-depth interviews with the lecturers, TQAD staff and the IT specialists involved. Overall, the findings revealed positive attitudes towards the administering tests on computers by all the stakeholder groups, implying the potential development of this testing approach in the future. However, the challenges rooted in the limited free-of-charge online testing system, the low capacity of the Internet and computer system and other facilities were generally concerned by all the stakeholders involved.

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