Integrating Music into English Language Pedagogy

  • Dung Tran Ho Chi Minh City University of Education
Keywords: challenges, language pedagogy, music, opportunities


In the recent decades, the ELT domain has witnessed the emergence of a wide variety of pedagogical approaches to aiding language learning in a diverse fashion. Among them, the incorporation of music into the instructional process has increasingly captured the attention of teaching scholars and practitioners. Despite some certain degree of complication in the way songs can be selected and utilized for teaching and learning purposes, music, when appropriately employed, is likely to work as a supporting tool of high enjoyability, authenticity and efficiency for EFL students’ acquisition of the target culture, multiple intelligences, language skills and components. From a conceptual and practical perspective, this paper provides an in-depth discussion on the potentialities and challenges possibly yielded by the music-based instruction in the modern EFL education.

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