A Case Study of Enhancing Pupils’ Culture Literacy through English-language Warm-up Activities

  • Dao Hanh Nguyen Ha Noi University of Science and Technology
  • Linh Dieu Pham Bestway English Center
Keywords: Cultural literacy; Exploratory case study; Young learners; Warm-up activities


Cultural literacy initiated by Hirsh (1983) is an integral part of any language learning which successful language users at all ages have to be literate and apply in their communications. This exploratory case study reports on how to enhance cultural literacy for young learners at a Vietnamese primary school through English-language warm-up activities. The research started with four semi-structured, non-participation observations to identify topics of interest and issues of classroom improvements. Then, data were collected from there sources: first, informal interview of an English teacher about her teaching context and knowledge of cultural literacy; second, 6 observations of her lessons engaging young learners with cultural-literacy-forming warm-up activities; and third the teacher's perspective interview after 6 experimental lessons. The data analysed using theme-based coding method show some merits of using warm-up activities to activate pupils’ prior knowledge on cultural traits. Some implications are discussed for more effective organizing of warm-up activities to facilitate Vietnamese young learners’ cultural literacy.

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