University Language Teachers' Perceptions Towards the MOET's Requirements of Second Foreign Languages

  • Huong Thu Nguyen Foreign Trade Univesrity
Keywords: Language policy and planning, second foreign language requirements, English teachers, Vietnamese universities


This paper aims at raising the issue for discussion among language teachers, institutional leaders, and policy makers about the relevance of the policy that requires language teachers in Vietnamese universities to possess satisfactory proficiency in a second foreign language for promotion at work and professional development. The study reported a case of 15 English teachers in a public university in Vietnam who needed to obtain the required competence in French to move up in their career ladder and pursue doctoral study. Data included in-depth interviews with 15 English teachers, five French teachers, the head of human resources department, and the vice president of the university. Using the theory of Language Policy and Planning as the framework of data analysis, the study sketches out the formulation of the policy at macro (ministerial) level, its mandate at meso (institutional) level, and the implementation process at micro (individual) level. It is revealed that the language teachers were generally not happy with the policy, considering it irrelevant to their teaching needs and research work; therefore, policy should incorporate teachers' voice if it is for their professional advancement.

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