Classroom-based Assessment to Promote Equity

  • Giang Ngan Dang Hanoi University
Keywords: classroom-based assessment; language assessment; equity; assessment in Vietnam


Language testing and assessment has always been a matter of concern in education worldwide. In Vietnam, there has been a movement towards classroom-based assessment over the last few years in order to gain a more comprehensive look at students’ progress. Classroom-based assessment (CBA) is universally viewed as a crucial part in not only improving teaching and learning but also opening up equal learning opportunities for all learners. However, the effects of CBA on equity in classroom still remain relatively under-researched in Vietnam. This paper, therefore, aims to bridge this gap by first introducing the definition and components of CBA, then describing how it creates an all-embracing atmosphere in class. This will be followed by some strategies to adopt CBA to foster an equitable classroom. Finally, the paper will draw some implications regarding the use of CBA to improve equity in language classrooms for various stakeholders in English teaching and learning, including teachers, administrators and policy makers.

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