A New Solution to Improve English Language Skills for Vietnam High School Students

  • Tuyet Thi Tran IIG Vietnam
Keywords: collaborative approach, authentic learning materials, further support after class time, ED


Online learning is defined as one way to catalyze a pedagogical shift in how we teach and learn, in which we change from top-down lecturing for passive students to a more interactive, collaborative approach in the learning process that students and instructors co-create and co-operate. English Discoveries Online is a fully customizable, interactive end-to-end solution designed to meet specific client needs, which provides educators with effective and user-friendly tools to maximize student learning outcomes. The paper is designed to find a way to help secondary and high school English teachers solve the problems of lacking authentic learning materials, training time and further support after class time. There are three main parts in this paper: The first part provides an overview on Online learning in the new era, in which the author analyzes the information collected from recent studies about online learning and its trend; the second part gives readers certain online learning benefits for teenagers in general and Vietnamese teenagers in particular; and the last part aims at providing the reason why implementing the integrated English Discovery course using the MOET course books is the new solution to fill the gaps for secondary and high school students in Vietnam.

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