Enacting Assessment Reforms at a Local University Toward Reinforcing Vietnamese EFL Learners’ 21st-century Skills

  • Thu Minh Dinh Hai Phong University
Keywords: assessment reforms, 21st-century skills, learning outcomes, rubric


In Vietnam, although testing and assessment is regarded as one of the seven pivotal pillars in the National Foreign Language Project 2020 (Decision 1400/QD-TTg), its enactment has seemingly imposed challenges on Vietnamese ELT educators at all levels. Addressing the revolution in the field, this paper aims at conducting assessment reforms to reinforce tertiary Vietnamese EFL learners' 21st-century skills. The process was demonstrated in a linguistics course at X University. An action methodology was exploited for the research purpose. Studies by Brown (2003), Van Tessel-Baska (2013), McTighe (2014) and Espinosa (2015) suggested the reform procedures. Two major phases serving the assessment enactment were actualized: (1) preparation, (2) implementation. The former embraces three sub-steps beginning with identifying learning outcomes, delivering learning and assessing requirements, and ending with designing a rubric; whereas the latter consists of utilizing assessment and discussing results. Reflection was made to better the model. The researcher exploited the Partnership of the 21st century portraying modern global citizens' qualities and the Bloom Taxonomy identifying educational learning objectives, to formulate the learning outcomes in the course toward satisfying the life-work demands for English majors. The rubric was developed from McTighe (2014), and localized in the Vietnamese marking system and learners' needs. The assessment reforms and implementation in class would be on the ground of equity, diversity, and inclusion. The findings dedicate to boosting EFL learners' new set of skills besides academic knowledge and professional attitudes in the researcher's context. Hopefully, the framework can function in a wider ELT community.

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